Emergency Services

For Emergency Service (Vermilion and Wainwright):


Call 780 853 5904 – listen for the current message; you will be directed to call an emergency phone line. Usually this is 780-581-4143.


Please leave a message if no one answers immediately. The veterinarian on call will usually be able to return a call within 30 minutes unless otherwise noted on the message.


As a backup if you are not getting a response, please try 780-853-7148 as this is Dr. Goodbrand’s direct cell phone line.

Appointment Process

Call to speak to our receptionists:

Vermilion – 780 853 5904
Toll Free: 1-866-474-3838

Wainwright – 780 842 2223
Toll Free: 1-866-474-3889



Emergency service provided at Vermilion Veterinary Clinic.

Please note that emergency fees are charged. Minimum charge for after hours appointments is $150-200 and must be paid at the time of service. If an animal is hospitalized, a deposit of at least 50% is usually required. We do not provide financing however we can assist you in obtaining third party financial assistance through Paybright.

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Vermilion Vet Clinic

4401 - 47 Ave. | Vermilion, AB | T9X 1L5

Ph: 780-853-5904 | Toll Free: 866-474-3838

Fax: 780-853-2845

839 - 2 Ave. | Wainwright, AB | T9W 1C5

Ph: 780-842-2223 | Toll Free: 866-474-3889

Fax: 780-842-2145

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