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Pets At Peace

At Vermilion Veterinary Clinic we are pet lovers and owners. We hope you will turn to us for compassionate care throughout your pet's life and for guidance through the final journey.

We are dedicated and trained to assist you in making arrangements that will honour your beloved pet and accommodate your family with respect.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs for creating a remembrance for your companion.

We have put some photographs below to help you consider the choices available in creating your remembrance.


Photo Box

An MDF box with a cherry-look, birch-look, or black finish. A photo of your pet can be inserted. Photo boxes come with a name plate.

Maple Keepsake Box

A small solid maple box with a hinged lid. Please note that this style only comes in one size and is best for smaller pets.

Urns, Photo Box.jpg
Urns, Maple Keepsake Box.jpg

Pine Box

Lightweight pine box with sliding lid. Name and paw prints or a custom photo available.

Latched Wood Box

A lightweight wood box with an unfinished surface. It has a hinged lid and a bronze-coloured latch. Name and paw prints or a custom photo available.

Urns, Pine Box 2.jpg
Urns, Latched Wood Box.jpg

Scatter Box

A sturdy cardboard box which works well as a temporary solution if you wish to scatter or bury your pet’s ashes, or transfer to an urn at a later date.

Urns, Scatter Box.jpg


Classic Urn

A classic shape with three decorative black bands in bronze or pewter.

Urns, Classic.jpg

Paw Print Urn

The classic shape in pewter, slate or brass is combined with decorative paw prints in a contrasting colour.

Odyssey Urn

This urn has a lower and wider shape, with one or two paw prints and the edge of the lid in a contrasting colour.

Heart Urn

A keepsake-sized urn which is a nice alternative if you are looking for a less urn-like appearance. It comes in a satin-lined velvet box. Please note that the hearts are very small and will hold only a portion of your pet’s ashes, except for the tiniest animals.

Black Plastic Urn
A two-piece urn with a friction-fit top instead of a screw-on lid. A small round inset on the top is decorated with a rose, and a clear plastic cover is provided for if you choose to insert a photo of your pet here. 

Urns, Pawprint.jpg
Urns, Odyssey.jpg
Urns, Heart.jpg
Urns, Plastic.jpg

PEARTREE® Clay Impressions

Our practice offers PEARTREE® clay impressions to create one of a kind remembrances of your pet.

For more information about PEARTREE® please visit their website.

or for inspiration follow them on Instagram @peartreepals

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